Welcome to the
FreeICP.ORG's Certification Authorities Start Page

Veteran Users: If you have already installed FreeICP.ORG's root certificate, please proceed directly to the desired CA:

Express Certificates in the Entry-Level CA
Verified Identity Certificates in the VI CA

See also the FreeICP.ORG's main wikisite for documentation, FAQs, discussion, source code, etc.

First-Time Users: Please follow the instructions below to install the FreeICP.ORG's (test) root certificate. This will cause your browser to be able to verify all certificates issued by our CAs, thus preventing many needless warning messages.

1- Download and Install the Root Certificate

<< Click here to download the root certificate
<< Click here to download the Servers CA certificate
<< Click here to download the Entry-Level CA ("ELCA") certificate
<< Click here to download the Verified Identity CA ("VICA") certificate

2 - Check the certificate's fingerprint!

Somewhere during the installation process, your browser will ask you to verify the certificate's fingerprint:

sha1 - 27:FE:9E:4F:27:F2:96:B8:CB:DA:C5:90:D1:90:2E:8B:8E:A1:E9:76
md5 - 32:ED:3E:03:09:91:17:50:06:62:3B:FA:EE:A4:73:D5
If the fingerprint doesn't match, abort the installation and tell us about it.

3 - All set!

Click here to proceed to the Entry-Level CA site